fonts and toblerone

alannamower 1:36 PM hi, is there a secret font stash somewhere?
johndoe 1:37 PM
no. what do you need a font for? some heading image?
alannamower 1:46 PM
lookin for swiss medium for a button
johndoe 1:47 PM
creative should be giving you that. got no swiss medium.
will a toblerone help?
alannamower 1:48 PM
yeah I know. I got impatient.
toblerone would only exacerbate my problems but thanks for the offer
johndoe 1:49 PM
how could a toblerone make anything worse? ever?
alannamower 1:50 PM
they are satan’s candy
johndoe 1:52 PM
well then … satan sure is tasty.

3 thoughts on “fonts and toblerone

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